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3 November 2015

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On our blog, you’ll find regularly updated articles about hiring, staffing, and recruiting. Our goal is to provide you with real-world advice to help you find and recruit the best job candidates and to retain a highly effective staff. In our first post, you’ll find lots of helpful information about hiring millennials, including what sets them apart, how to recruit ones that are right for your company, and how to manage and retain them. At PFC&A we specialize in hiring and recruiting hard-working millennials. Our experience has given us a lot of insight into millennials’ unique characteristics and how you can build on those to strengthen your organization.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are people born between the early 80s and the early 2000s. They grew up using online technology and came of age during a recession. The HR world is full of stereotypes about millennials, such as that they are self-absorbed and disloyal, switching jobs often. However, millennials are also known for being tech-savvy, talented, and personally driven. In addition, millennials are the largest generation group in the United States. As a young group, they’re also in touch with current trends and consumer wants. These characteristics can make millennials a great asset for your company, but they can also be a challenge to hire and retain. In order to find the best millennial candidates, recruit them, and keep them, keep the following in mind:

What do millennials want?
It’s important to remember, of course, that each millennial is an individual and may be looking for different things. There are some trends, however. Most millennials prioritize personal growth and career development at a job. They’re looking for a position in which they can develop key skills and have room for growth. This is likely one reason millennials are known for switching jobs a lot. They want to continue moving forward, and if they’re unable to do that in their current role, they’ll look for a new job. This drive for growth can be a positive attribute though. Millennials you hire are likely to be enthusiastic about opportunities to learn new skills and to take on more responsibilities. Millennials also care about community. They’re looking to work for an organization where they can fit in socially as well as professionally. To help attract hard-working millennials, make sure to emphasize aspects such as career development and a positive community in your recruiting materials.

Recruiting and interviewing
Millennials use technology all the time, and they frequently use social media to stay connected. You can take advantage of this by using social media to promote your job openings. Millennials are frequently on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Having an online presence on these sites will help you to look current and to attract millennials. At PFC&A we use a multi-pronged online approach to promote your job openings and ensure they find the best candidates. You can also appeal to millennials during your interview process. Make sure that you highlight aspects that millennials will like, such as career development programs, flexible scheduling, a collaborative work environment, and a strong work-life balance. Millennials are generally receptive to non-traditional interviews, so you may want to consider including video chats, informal meetings, or shadowing opportunities as part of your interview process. We would be happy to help you design an engaging interview process.

Management and retainment
One of the most frequent complaints about millennials is that they don’t show loyalty. The way that you manage them, however, can make a big difference in how long they stay with your organization. Millennials want to feel like they’re doing something that matters. So do your best to provide them with projects that have an impact. Millennials also value communication, and they appreciate it outside of formal evaluation. Provide your millennial employees with frequent feedback on how they’re doing. Remember that millennials are also looking for career growth. If your company can’t provide them with opportunities for career development, they may start to look elsewhere. As staffing experts, our team can work with you to design a management strategy that will boost retainment, morale, and productivity.

If your organization allows for a good work-life balance, opportunities for growth, teamwork, and communication, millennials are likely to enjoy working for you in the long-term. Recruit them by emphasizing these aspects, and you’re likely to benefit from a driven and enthusiastic millennial employee. If you’re committed to finding the best professional millennials for your organization, get in touch with one of our staffing experts today.

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