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It’s Your Time 2016 Graduates!

The beginning of a new year means an approaching spring graduation for many college seniors. With the job market at peak, college students can expect to see an increase in job opportunities this year. “According to Seattle Times article” on strong job market for college grads, not only locally, but throughout the country, hiring is up and most industries are seeking new employees. Although the job market is doing well, what will paychecks look like for these future grads?

More Jobs…

"According to Fortune Magazine, The 2016 Job Market is Looking Bright For Workers." For many people who recently were without work, or even those currently seeking jobs right now, this is your year! Opportunities are increasing everywhere across the country, which gives hope to those looking for employment. But, many will still have to adapt to certain criteria to meet the changing demands of this growing market. What can we expect in 2016 with the improved job market?



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